Why is your spine important?

Your spine protects the spinal cord which is the pathway for impulses from the brain to the body giving feedback from the body to the brain.

If anything is creating interference, preventing the nerve impulses to the body from the brain, or adequate feedback to the brain from the body being received, this can result in dysfunction and problems within the body.

When the joints of the spine are not moving properly this can interfere with the nerve impulses between the body and the brain. We call this a misalignment or ‘structural shift’.

At Chiropractic Works we locate the areas of the spine that aren’t functioning correctly and reduce this nerve interference with safe and natural chiropractic adjustments. It works to restore the integrity and health of your nervous system, giving your body the best chance to repair and regain health.


Our Approach to Your Health

Pain can be one of the last signs to tell you that something is wrong in your body. Chiropractic is based on a few key concepts:

The body is a self-healing and regulating mechanism.

– When you cut yourself the body knows how to respond automatically and will begin the repair process.

The nervous system is the master control of the body.

– It controls all the systems and functions of the body, most of the time without your effort.

Interference with the nervous system has a negative impact on your body.

– Without the correct feedback your body is not able to respond properly.

Loss of proper movement of the spine can create interference with the nervous system.

– This can be caused by many factors such as injury, accidents, poor posture, lack of exercise and stress.

We work to reduce the interference to the nervous system by improving the function of the spine. This is achieved by specific chiropractic adjustments.

– The adjustments begin to restore normal function and movement to the affected spinal joints, reducing the nerve interference and enabling your pathway to recoveryto begin.

At Chiropractic Works we believe maintaining the correct posture and function of the spine allows you to be at your best.

Continue reading to find out more information about secondary conditions, how they present and how we can help.