Friendly, honest treatment and advice. Everything clearly explained. Felt what was important was best treatment for me, rather than financial reward.

Kim - Sheffield

I would recommend the clinic because Gerard was able to give a very detailed and complete diagnosis surrounding the problems in my back which was resulting in the sciatica symptoms down my left leg. Through Gerard extensive expertise in the subject significant improvements were made within 4-6 weeks of treatment. Relief from numbness in the foot. Day to day activities do not result in pain. Able to do more activities/ better quality of life.

Luke - Sheffield

I am no longer constant pain and discomfort and I can now sleep at night and move around easier. With regular adjustments I can go to work without worrying. This is a friendly clinic and reasonably priced. Its clean and comfortable and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Ms M.C. - Sheffield

Benefits: No pain following a series of sessions with you. I would recommend the clinic after seeing a GP who did nothing for the pain for weeks then referred me to an nhs physio which didn’t help either.

Sarah - Sheffield

The sciatica has all but gone, occasional twinges on getting up after sitting for too long in an overly-soft sofa. The low back pain used to make walking quite difficult at times but after attending Chiropractic Works it is over two years since I have had any trouble to that degree. Treatment is effective and delivered in a calm, gentle and professional manner.

Andrew - Sheffield

I am generally pain free majority of the time. If I do not keep up with my visits I am in agony. With my Job I cannot afford to be in that much pain. I have recommended you to friends and they have used you too.

Debbie - Sheffield

I am able to now go about my day to day activities with very little pain or discomfort which has vastly improved my quality of life. I can get on with what I want to do without worrying all the time. Gerard is friendly and approachable, he really listens and adapts each treatment in response to changes in your condition. The treatments really work and the maintenance programme is an excellent way of keeping everything in line and moving how it should.

Janet - Sheffield

I would definitely recommend as Chiropractic Works is a very professional, caring practice , getting results.

Deborah - Sheffield

Very friendly and thorough approach to my issue. Explained what he was doing and why. Put you at ease… And has a gorgeous dog!

Laura - Sheffield

Reduced pain, increased mobility.

David - Sheffield