Sugar, Sugar, Everywhere

How much Sugar?

Fizzy drinks have been again making headlines this week, it’s no surprise that fizzy drinks contain high amounts of sugar, but it might surprise you when you see the figure in teaspoons of sugar per 330ml serving.

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Why do we care about Sugar intake?

Sugar has a massive impact onto our health, especially the higher quantities of refined sugar that we are consuming. While sugar (carbohydrates) make up an important part of a balanced diet, the sugar found in a piece of fruit also has other nutritional benefits. Think of it as a piece of fruit as being a complete package, with sugar, fibre and other vitamins and minerals, and compare this to having a fizzy drink which offers sugar, usually with additives or colourings and not much else of nutritional benefit.

The WHO has put the cost of dental disease  at 5-10% of an industrialised countries health budget, they believe in part due to increased sugary drink intake. That is even before we consider the other health implications that a diet high in refined sugar has.

I’m not against sugar, more so we need to ensure that what we are putting into our bodies is going to be beneficial to us.

Have a look through the table below and see how many teaspoons are in your fizzy drinks.

Thanks to The Guardian for the data.

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