Is texting affecting your posture?

No one can dispute that posture can have a positive effect or a negative impact on our bodies.


Whilst we usually associate posture problems with people who are deconditioned, sit all day and are not as active as they should be. To be honest, everyone is at risk of poor posture. When we do repetitive actions all day it leads to overload and fatigue. This means not having the correct desk set up or looking at your phone for long periods can be harmful.

Research shows that mobile phone use for texting, Facebook and internet browsing is building future problems, especially as the users are getting younger and younger. Newspaper articles in the Telegragh and Daily Mail highlighted the impact of using mobile devices for too long on our posture and health.


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Are your text habits affecting your neck?



Chiropractors have long looked at the structure of the body to assess function and as indicators to what is happening in our bodies whether it is a dropped shoulder, a pelvis imbalance or increased thoracic curve. These indicators can relate to headaches, neck pain or other symptoms people may experience. Equally though it may be many years before we feel the impact of how posture affects our body.


So how can Chiropractic help you?


Chiropractors work with the imbalances (misalignments) in your spine to reduce the impact that they have onto your body, allowing it to adapt to what life throws at it more easily. We also give advice and suggestions on how to minimise the impact of our lifestyles on our posture.



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