Nurses and Back Pain

Back pain still leading cause of disability.

I came across an excellent article in – I will admit I am not a regular reader, it was the topic that was interesting to me. backache sheffiled

The summary of this article is:

…lower back pain causes more global disability than any other condition. With the ageing world population, this burden can be expected to increase…

What also interested me was that this is a publication specifically aimed at nurses – a group of the population that I know can suffer with their back complaints due sometimes in part to work stresses.

This is why I am invited to local businesses to discuss with their workforces ways in which they can limit days off due to back pain, preventative steps they can take and what to do if someone has a history of back pain.


What can I do to prevent back pain.

Many of the cases of back pain we see at Chiropractic Works are due to segmental dysfunction. When the articulations of the spine are not able to function as they are intended it results in segmental dysfunction, this causes an insult to the nervous system which will then result in secondary symptoms (back pain, muscle spasm, joints cracking).

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