Our Top Tips for Summer Travel

back pain for the summer

Whether you are suffering with back pain or not we think our top tips for summer travel will be helpful. If you have any comments please use the contact form.

  1. Regular breaks when driving.  If you’re travelling by car try to take regular breaks. It’s important to get out of the car and walk about and even stretch and circle your shoulders as you do so. You don’t even need to go into the shops to browse the magazines, just stop, get out and move!


  2. Stretch and move. When on a coach, plane or train make sure you get up and move around at least once every half hour to relieve pressure and improve circulation.


  3. Luggage. Choose a bag with wheels and don’t over pack – think back to the last holidays when you said you didn’t need to take half of what you brought with you!


  4. Pillow. Try to replicate the pillow you have at home which may mean folding up a towel to put under the pillow to raise it up. If I am going on holiday in the UK I bring my own pillow with me – it can make a big difference!


  5. Sun bed problems! The position that sunbeds can put us in can result in a lot of strain in the joints, discs and muscles of the spine. Think about your posture and use a spare towel to help reduce strain by using it as a lumbar support or under your knees.


  6. Sandals and flip flops – a lot of the time they can reveal a lot of underlying problems in the structure of your body – a lot of people find a change in footwear can have an impact on their spine health (usually for the worse). So try and choose footwear with good support.


  7. Stay hydrated and eat! Especially if travelling by plane, keep drinking water and make sure you have something to eat during a busy day of travel – it will help you recover from it more quickly so you can enjoy your holiday!


  8. Book an aisle seat – whether on a coach, train or a plane the aisle sometimes gives you the option to stretch out a bit.


  9. Getting luggage off the carousel – the downfall of too many holidays! Don’t rush, if you miss it, it will come round again, make sure you have room to bend your knees, engage your core and use both arms. Usually people injure themselves doing the rush, grab, pull off the carousel – especially if it is a heavy piece of luggage.

If you are ready to start looking after your spine, nervous system and health contact Chiropractic Works to find out how we and Chiropractic can play a role in that process.