We all love a snowy postcard scene, but our thoughts towards it are less favourable when we have to go out in it. Here’s some advice for walking on snow/ice.

  • Choose a good pair of winter boots, a worthwhile investment. Look for warmth, stability, insulation, waterproof and a non-slip tread sole made of natural rubber.

  • Get a grip, ice grippers can be great on hard packed snow and ice. They can however be treacherous on stone, tile and ceramic surfaces. Make sure you get a pair that are easy to remove (even with gloves on).

  • Extra support, a pair of ski poles, a cane or walking sticks can help with balance. Ensure they are the correct height for you.

  • If you struggle with mobility at the best of times consider using a walker.

  • Wear bright colours – visibility can be reduced in a snow shower.

  • Dress in layers and don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves.

If you are walking on ice:

  • Slow down, think about the next step but don’t tense up.

  • Bend your knees, helping to stabilise the body and allowing it to react if it is a bit slippier than expected.

  • Keep a wide base of support, make sure you have one foot planted before you transfer onto the other one.

  • If you feel you have to drag your feet or shuffle, just remember to keep your base of support approximately one foot wide.

Finally, think whether it is better to venture out now or delay it for a couple of hours if conditions are likely to get better.