If you are suffering with headaches and are looking for answers or solutions let us help.

Chiropractors deal primarily with what are known as cervicogenic headaches, which are those where the primary cause of the headache arises from the neck.

Headaches can range from mild background headaches to persistent headaches. Initial indicators of a problem in the neck can be restricted neck and upper back movement, clicking when you move your neck or feeling that your head is too heavy. When left untreated this can then progress to present as headaches and affect the ability to concentrate at work, your mood and you may find you have to sleep to get some temporary relief.

A strong link has been found between the top three segments of the spine and the relationship to cervicogenic headaches. When misalignments occur in the neck it can cause irritation to the nerve roots and result in referred pain such as headaches.

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When you are examined and you are found to have a misalignment the chiropractor will outline a care plan for you, aimed at restoring the normal function to the spine and reduce down the secondary conditions (symptoms) you are experiencing.

What can you do to help yourself:

The chiropractor will advise on the use of heat or ice, whichever is relevant to you.

They will discuss what creates extra stress onto the spine such as your posture, your desk set up/working ergonomics, sleeping habits.

Other triggers such as light, certain foods will be discussed.

Why see a Chiropractor?

At Chiropractic Works, your chiropractor will go through your medical history give you a thorough chiropractic examination and

discuss the findings and the best options available for you. Chiropractic Works focuses on correcting the imbalances in the spine and

removing the interference that it causes in the nervous system.