New Patient Consultation, Examination and Treatment

Consultation, examination including orthopaedic, neurological assesment
and verbal explanation of findings, recommendations and first treatment if applicable*.



Individual treatment sessions


Treatment Blocks

4 x treatment sessions prepaid (saving £12).


Covered by major health care providers including Westfield.
*We always aim to offer treatment on the first visit but there are occurances when this is not possible.

How do I know if I need to see a Chiropractor?
If you are being limited by pain or are struggling with day to day activities like gardening, driving, sitting at work, prolonged standing, difficulty getting comfortable at night you may benefit from seeing a Chiropractor. We offer a 15 minute complimentary consultation so you can speak to the chiropractor and they can assess the suitability of treatment for you.
What do the Chiropractors at Chiropractic Works do?
Firstly the Chiropractor will assess the structure and function of your spine and the nervous system through a thorough consultation, examination with neurological and orthopaedic testing. The purpose of this is to ascertain if your spine has an imbalance, and if so why.

Addressing the primary cause of your condition usually means looking at your lifestyle, emotional stress and working conditions.

What will happen on the first visit?
The first visit to Chiropractic Works is aimed at finding out more about you and listening to your health concerns. The Chiropractor will answer any questions you have about Chiropractic before the examination and explain the benefits to ensure you are in the best place. If you wish to continue we will give you a thorough examination. A second visit will then be scheduled to discuss the findings.

The second visit will then go through in detail the findings from the consultation and examination. The aim is to ensure you have a full understanding of your condition. The chiropractor will discuss the findings and outline a treatment plan aimed at getting the best results for you.

Am I covered by insurance?
You will need to check with your insurance provider as to the terms of your cover. Chiropractic Works will issue receipts for any chiropractic care that you have received, which you can then send to your insurance provider. Some insurers require you to be ‘signed off’ by your GP to see a Chiropractor, again please check your policy.
Are adjustments safe and will it hurt?
At Chiropractic Works we are well trained in assessing the needs of your body, this means tailoring the technique used so it is enough to be effective but not too much for your body. The techniques used are safe for all ages. The adjustments do not hurt, if there is a lot of inflammation prior to the adjustment you may experience a mild discomfort/tenderness for a short period after (usually less than 12 hours).

Please ask your Chiropractor any specific concerns you have so he can address them.

Do I need to tell my GP?
You are not required to inform your GP, we do recommend keeping them updated though. Certain insurances require consent from your GP, again please check your policy.
Can children receive Chiropractic care?
Yes, irrespective of their age the Chiropractor will adapt the technique used so they are suitable for them. For very young babies, non-force techniques such as cranial-sacral release, fascial release and other extremely gentle techniques are used.
Can pregnant women receive Chiropractic care?
Yes, many women due to the increased strain on their bodies during pregnancy find relief with Chiropractic care. We do endorse the use of Chiropractic care during pregnancy, just like when we see young children the techniques are modified so they are extremely gentle and safe.
Is there car parking?
Yes, car parking is available behind Saxton Mee (949 Ecclesall Road), which is accessed by Marmion Road. A temporary permit is required, available from us. Car parking is also permitted in the bus lane outside of the hours of operation.

Should your appointment change please get a new permit from a member of staff (do not alter as it will be void)

The car park is managed by a third party at the instruction of the landlord, Chiropractic Works is unable to cancel tickets issued.

How can I pay?
We accept cash and most major card issuers – Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Solo, Maestro.
Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, you can read it here.