In line with current government guidelines we are able to treat patients that are classed as urgent. This includes but is not limited to patients that:
• Are unable to manage pain with heat/ice, over the counter pain killers or home exercises.
• Your symptoms have progressed or worsened, or you have pins/needles/numbness or weakness
• You need to seek help form the GP, A+E or walk in centre.
• You have not been able to get relief from a telephone or video consultation.
• It is having a severe impact on daily activities i.e. childcare or work.
Existing and new patients are able to book in below. Additional safety measures are in place such as PPE, increased cleaning procedures and spacing out appointments.
New patients please read
The new patient consultation is in two parts.
Part 1: Telephone or video consultation – we will go through the case history and if deemed necessary progress to the next step. If not advice and home exercises will be given.
Part 2: Face to face examination, verbal explanation of findings and treatment.