Stay with me on this one, a new suit has been developed by NASA to combat the effects of reduced gravity on the spine and other joints whilst in space.


When astronauts are in space the reduced gravity means that they actually grow (well they stretch) and after long spells in space it means they can be up to 7cm taller than when they left. Interestingly, the astronauts are also more prone to developing decreased bone density (osteopenia) while in space.

While this might sound great to some people – unfortunately due to the body having to adapt to changes in the environment it means that it can cause considerable pain and discomfort. This new suit is aimed at reducing the effects of reduced gravity on the user.

While it might not sound like the suit has much use in the real world, it is helping individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy and movement disorders.


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I’m just off to ring NASA and see if they need a Chiropractor!