Our Chiropractic Team

Gerard Haughey, Doctor of Chiropractic

I first discovered the power of Chiropractic when I was 11 years old, having injured my back whilst playing sport, my father took me to a Chiropractor. It is thanks to this Chiropractor, who was funny and inspirational that I became a Chiropractor, even if I didn’t realise it at the time! Having graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2008, one of only two European accredited programs in the UK.  I am now a Chiropractor and owner of Chiropractic Works, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Since graduating I have studied further national and international courses in extremity adjusting (adjustments specifically for the elbow, wrist, shoulder knee and hip) and paediatric techniques.

Picture of Gerard Haughey Chiropractor

I have spoken reguarly on BBC Radio Sheffield, advising listeners who call in with their health questions. I have also been invited to give health talks to Hallam University employees, discussing such topics as back care at work, ergonomics and the importance of posture.

I enjoy seeing a wide range of conditions in patients spanning from the young to the elderly often within the same family. I am a good listener and am passionate to get the message of the many benefits of safe and natural Chiropractic care can give people by optimising the function of the nervous system, enabling the body to work better.

My aim is to become further involved in the community, giving expert advice of how to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system, giving talks to local schools, community groups and businesses.